Curiouser and curiouser…

Festival season has finally arrived, so I am really chuffed to be handing over this post to Greg Love, co-organiser of The Curious Yellow Weekend to tell you all about this fabulous festival. It is the kind which travels on those whispers that all great parties do and of course, some of our tents will feature so grab your tickets while you still can!

Now in our 4th year The Curious Yellow stands tall. A beautiful new site in amongst the wandering trees and glistening flowing streams of a beautiful sculpture garden and arboretum. A place to truly let go!

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Building on experiences from previous years we really want to hold on to that warm family vibe, so we have endeavoured to make this festival a place to not only enjoy some incredible music, but to also be able to grab a drink and wander around our stunning venue and leave the fast pace of everyday life behind as you unwind into your weekend. 
Please bear in mind there is a strict limitation on the number of attendees to which is 500 persons, this includes all crew and artists, therefore we’ve allowed for just 300 available tickets. This is our choosing as small more intimate events are always the best.
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Make sure you visit The Love Shack Tipi for a taster of our very own professionally brewed Curious Ale and Yellow Cider, there may also be a couple of cheeky cocktails available for those of you who enjoy a drink with a twist or pop into the mighty Hopper House for some day time fun and games come bouncy tea party by night and with Crew Salam catering for you all with their awesome wood fire pizza’s, you will certainly have a smile on your face.

With all sorts of sideshow entertainment throughout the day come and be amazed at the quite extraordinary interactive colouring clinic or have your face painted into an ultra realistic image, the only limits are your imagination.
With over  20 up and coming Bands throughout the weekend, ranging from solo artists singing with passion and emotion through to 10 piece ska reggae bands putting out a sound that has to be heard to be believed and as we hit sun down our stunning Sculpture Garden become’s a magical dreamscape as the night gives a perfect back drop for us to transform the trees into an avatar’esq fantasy land. Think Corinthian pillars and abstract sculptures to hidden woodland pavilion’s.

This is the weekend That Curious Yellow makes its mark!

Crew Salam is a team of forward-thinking artists and performers who are really making a name for themselves as the ultimate festival experience. With their café and performance stage, they have gained huge popularity on the UK and European musical festival scene in recent years and bring their unique set-up to a number of events this summer. Café Salam serves up delicious pizzas and sweet and savoury crêpes, as well as freshly-made spicedchai and a selection of hot and cold drinks. You can even add a shot of brandy, whiskey or Baileys to your hot drinks, then snuggle up on a straw bale and enjoy the entertainment.
Alongside the café, the large Salam tent houses a stage which features live performances from up-and-coming artists, as well as an eclectic variety of DJs which keep festival-goers partying throughout the day and night. Salam means ‘peace’ in Arabic and while Crew Salam certainly aim to provide a peaceful environment to relax in, there is always something going on in their beautifully decorated space, from film screenings to workshops. Their new black-and-white circus tent, affectionately named ‘The Zebra’, is now available for hire. Ideal for parties, festivals and more, this stunning 16-metre-diameter structure comes with a team ofstrapping boys and girls to rig and de-rig it, and can be hired with or without décor.
We hope to see you there to join us in our world, much love the CY Crew………x 

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