Tie the Knot – Unique & Eclectic Wedding Carnival

Just a quick one for you this month to share some wonderful images taken by Binky Nixon Photography. Binky and Erica from Mr & Mrs Unique team up to bring Hertfordshire one of the most amazing Wedding Fairs you can imagine, Tie the Knot. We were lucky enough to be able to be there this year to showcase two of our new Stretch tents.

Wedding Fair conjures up the wrong image in your head really, as Tie the Knot is something quite different. Instead of being a contrived sales ground of ivory this and ivory that, Hexton Manor Walled Garden sets the scene for the Unique and Eclectic Wedding Carnival. It is bursting with colour, talent and friendly people, who genuinely LOVE their jobs. It really shines through as these gorgeous images will show you.

ttk_M2015_229ttk_M2015_283 ttk_M2015_284 ttk_M2015_254 ttk_M2015_263 ttk_M2015_266 ttk_M2015_276  ttk_M2015_277 ttk_M2015_275 ttk_M2015_278ttk_M2015_281  ttk_M2015_308 ttk_M2015_287   ttk_M2015_304  ttk_M2015_291ttk_M2015_314 ttk_M2015_317 ttk_M2015_320 ttk_M2015_321  ttk_M2015_327 ttk_M2015_332 ttk_M2015_336 ttk_M2015_380 ttk_M2015_381 ttk_M2015_383 ttk_M2015_279 ttk_M2015_394 ttk_M2015_020    ttk_M2015_023 ttk_M2015_006ttk_M2015_012 ttk_M2015_030 ttk_M2015_089ttk_M2015_027   ttk_M2015_036   ttk_M2015_085 ttk_M2015_084ttk_M2015_058 ttk_M2015_039 ttk_M2015_040ttk_M2015_059 ttk_M2015_118  ttk_M2015_128 ttk_M2015_139  ttk_M2015_152 ttk_M2015_156 ttk_M2015_161ttk_M2015_146 ttk_M2015_157  ttk_M2015_178  ttk_M2015_194  ttk_M2015_206 ttk_M2015_215 ttk_M2015_177 ttk_M2015_184 ttk_M2015_239ttk_M2015_236 ttk_M2015_230   ttk_M2015_250 ttk_M2015_243    Keep your eyes peeled for the next one, as you really won’t want to miss it!

We shared our fab Stretch tent with:

Pop over to their websites to check them out.

Hannah x


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