V&A Wedding Dress Exhibition

As my first ever blog post I was truly excited to share with you something I have been wanting to do for a long time. The exhibition comes to a close at the V&A on March 15th so I made sure I booked in before it was too late. Fully loaded with enthusiasm and anticipation I met up with an old friend to catch up and soak in some of London’s charm.

It really didn’t disappoint, but then how could it? Such an eclectic mix of dresses the collection spans fashion over the last two centuries. We were able to view iconic dresses up close and personal; such as the purple Vivienne Westwood dress worn by Dita Von Teese for her marriage to Marilyn Manson and Kate Moss’s Galliano dress. All the careful craftsmanship you just don’t get to see in a pages of a glossy magazine.


We were treated to creations from designers including Charles Frederick Worth, Norman Hartnell, Charles James, Christian Lacroix and Vera Wang. Even though we took a mid-week visit the popularity of the exhibition is still high and we bustled past others obviously eager to immerse themselves in this final opportunity to see such an amazing collection.

334a31a027144f9a4ee343ca5915c21c Silk_satin_wedding_dress_designed_by_Charles_James_London_1934._Worn_by_Barbara_Baba_Beaton._Given_by_Mrs_Alec_Hambro_c_Victoria_and_Albert_Museum_London_reverse-225x300Picture46cb017bb3ccd0bab62baca693e88c99d 2014GY83252014GY0575 2014GY057602bd5f89cb52b8c8690f5a5f41a1ffcd 59c325670b8b7fce34e2967a0f67dc39weddingbodice2-450x450All images © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

There was so much to tantalise our senses and hard to choose a favourite. The exquisite detail in the sequin work of Kate Moss’s Galliano dress is hard to ignore along with it’s effortless elegance. Ian Stuart’s Flowerbomb dress is so far from anything I imagined that I could like, but somehow it lures you in with its abundance of tule and the promise of a fairytale. If I had to choose and do it all again…I think Kate Moss’s gets my vote. Saying that if you ask me the same question again in five years time my choice would probably be completely different. This point illustrates what the exhibition was really about; all these amazing gowns being the hight of fashion of their time. New fabrics, techniques or styles illustrating wealth and notoriety. It is like stepping into a fabulous little bubble filled with detail beyond your wildest imagination. I urge you to book yourself in if you haven’t yet visited. It will undoubtedly shake-up all the preconceived ideas you may have about what sort of dress you like. Tickets start at £12.00 and weekend visits are all now sold out. Book Tickets

We topped off the day with a cheeky visit to Anges de Sucre on Holland Street, as you do! Hmm I feel a new blog post coming on…Anges-de-Sucre-1-Anneli-Marinovich-Photography


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